The training of the groudsman in Europe


It is easy to see, if we want to look for professionals in the sports green, where and how they operate, who use more and more cutting-edge tools and products, to ensure that their pitch sports are performing and safe for the players, but also always green at the TV view or when we are going to see a live game.
The social channel where we can find all these green professionals, for the most part hundreds of young talents who are following in the footsteps of their predecessors, who have created a culture of green sports for more than 60 years ago, with interventions in 'unison of schools (IOG…), associations (GMA…), forward-looking companies (ProPitch…), federations (FA) and Labor Ministries, combined with a good dose of their own will for the common good.
The importance of the groundsman culture
Like our and only Italian head groundsman Gianni Casini trained at UNIPI and in Sutri (a resource for our country), who, by force majeure, practices his cultural experience and thus his passion at the Alliance Riviera in Nice in France, after various locations always working in Europe, we will find these specialized characters, including agronomists, assistants and technicians in the sports green on Linkedin, where we of the grassmed association are gathering in the sports gardener group (groundsman) and so for those who want to deepen what are the characteristics the aspirations and the remunerations the themes of this new profession for sports fields and obtaining them increasingly competitive can register and thus stay in contact with this world, in Italy still little known, (most of them are English, but that French and Spanish are gradually adjusting).
Unlike how it is undertaken in our country, the groundsman is not the consultant on duty who must propose services and products of a particular company (seller), nor is it an operator on command who executes external directives from companies that have won the tender on the construction and maintenance on that sports center; on the contrary, the groundsman must have his independence from external companies, he will be the one who with his training culture first and practical experience in the field after, will be able to manage from the budget of his sports club made available, the sports fields in natural grass or hybrid, making the players who use it express the best, precisely because he himself will have a close relationship with the coach or athletic trainer, who will indicate the technical / tactical characteristics of the team according to the federal protocol for maintaining natural grass. By doing so we will get the advantage of the 12th man on the pitch which is not the pitch itself.
The search for one's autonomy, the faculty of choice, the intuition of what is best for one's field controlled daily, means that professional companies adapt, or rather seek and seek to meet the needs of the groundsman, the one who lives the day by day field, where even a different smell of it could be a signal for timely and / or preventive care.
Autonomous Groundsman is the goal.

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