Sporty green and trees: new at Myplant 2019


Sports green and arboriculture: these are two new features awaiting visitors at the next edition of Myplant & Garden, the Milan International Green Show, scheduled for 20 to 22 February 2019 at the Rho-Pero Fair.
Underlining the excellent trend of the reservations of the exhibition spaces, the organizers say that there will be at least two debuts within the festival: "A special area dedicated to sports green, to intercept and involve all the actors of a specialized supply chain (from seeds to the machinery, from the project to the materials) from the large-scale and near-by, a new section dedicated to the 'tree-system', specific for the professional, urban and forestry arboriculture sector ".
As for the latter, during the three days of the fair, conferences and workshops will take place with institutional interventions, internationally renowned speakers, associations and entrepreneurial realities of reference in Italy. The product areas will cover the services and technologies for arboriculture, the sustainable planning and management of trees, the urban wood supply chain, urban forestation products, specialized nurseries, machinery.
Also the machinery continues to represent an investment front by Myplant, both in the internal exhibition spaces and outside, with the confirmation of the demo area for the practical tests also next year.

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