Knowing the secrets of gardening: the Minoprio Foundation of spring events


A botanical treasure hunt, a journey through the flavors, games and workshops for children and insights for gardening enthusiasts: Minoprio Foundation opens the doors of its park at the spring flowering, for a series of events dedicated to green and well-being.Visitors - the organizers explain - as well as enjoy pleasant walks and learn the secrets of gardening, can admire colorful and beautiful blooms, as well as surprise with imaginative flower beds of vegetables and annuals. Always fascinating to visit the tropical greenhouse, the Mediterranean garden in addition to tree and shrub collections of the park that experienced guides will help you to know in depth. Sales in the greenhouse may be purchased green plants, flowering and horticultural production of the Foundation, with the ability to have tips and advice of cultivation and care by the technicians. "For smaller, March 28, is a proposal "to the Botanical Treasure Hunt", in collaboration with Grandi Giardini Italian: a game to teach children to recognize some species of plants

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