The star with a passion for gardens and vegetable garden


What do Hollywood stars when they're not on set? Many of them are dedicated to gardening or as caring. And the hobby seems to excite not only the actors, but a long line of celebrities to which the newspapers tell of the love for the green.In a gallery created by the weekly IoDonna are many famous names of the jet set and not only that, they have stated in interviews (or of which it is said) to appreciate the outdoors.Among the most famous it is certainly Julia Roberts, who seems to love to take care personally of his garden and his garden at his villa in Malibu. Even Oprah Winfrey has embraced organic vegetable filosofila and zero kilometer, to do one in a property in Hawaii. Much better known on the other hand the battle" waged by Obama, and particularly Michelle, in favor of the consumption of fruit and vegetables homemade.Photographed with spades and garden tools at hand even the British Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth.Among the actors with a green thumb you count Jake Gyllenhaal, a lover of gardening and garden, and involved in a project aimed at children, but also Nicole Kidman, with a plot of organic crops on his ranch in Australia and Sienna Miller, which it stated that gardening helps her to "heal by" stress. Just as no VIPs, in fact.Photo David Shankbone (Wikipedia)"

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