Stihl expands the plant in the Rhineland and hires


The Stihl magnesium die-casting plant in Weinsheim, in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany, is enriched with a new logistics department. On 5 April 2019 work began on the new structure against an allocation of 18 million euros.
"Considering the technological leadership of our magnesium die-cast components, the growth prospects of this site are very promising. The new department will allow us to greatly improve our logistic capabilities and to satisfy the increase in sales of chainsaws and power tools, as well as the projects of external customers "these are the words of Nikolas Stihl.
Hartmut Fischer, Director of the Stihl magnesium die-casting plant, added: "The plant is constantly expanding and has almost reached the limit of its capacity. With the construction of the logistics department, we create the prerequisites for the future expansion and optimization of logistics processes, adding space for new machinery ".
Joachim Streit, President of the district of Eifel-Bitburg-Prüm, commented: "Stihl is a very successful company, which contributes greatly to the economic development of our region and represents one of the largest employers in the district. Thanks to the construction of the new logistics department which will have a usable area of 6,300 square meters and will be inaugurated in mid-2020, Stihl will be able to expand and create 28 new jobs ".
The Stihl magnesium die-casting plant, opened in 1971, is today one of the largest and most modern in Europe. Thanks to its high quality products, the plant is an important element of Stihl's international production network. With nearly 750 employees and an area of approximately 28,000 square meters, it produces high-quality magnesium components, not only for chainsaws and power tools, but also for the automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, electronics, and medical technology industries . About 20% of turnover comes from external customer projects.


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