Stihl's record 2020


Record turnover for Stihl in Italy. This is what emerges from the 2020 consolidated data. The Italian branch of Stihl exceeds the milestone of 100 million euros in turnover, thus recording the best national performance ever.
"Thanks to the collaboration with specialized dealers present throughout Italy, Stihl has managed to respond to the needs of its customers even in a delicate moment such as the one we are experiencing and to maintain the operations of its employees despite the need to adapt in a sudden and unexpected way to new and different forms of work, which are essential to face the health crisis ”, the company explains.
For this the management has decided to reward all 74 Italian collaborators and in January each of them will receive an extra bonus of € 1,500 in their paychecks.
The CEO of Andreas Stihl S.p.A, Massimo Gallo, creator of the initiative, declares: "We have reached a truly ambitious goal, and in advance of what was set. All this thanks above all to the dedication and stubbornness shown by all the members of the team at our Cambiago (Mi) office. Each in his job, has been able to brilliantly adapt to the change imposed by the market and by contingent situations. For this reason, it is right that everyone's winning approach is rewarded not only with words (always and in any case important) but also with concrete facts. We are now more ready than ever to face the next challenge ».
The 2020 result is part of a trend in current management which, since 2015, has maintained constant growth by intercepting, with timing, the desire for greenery and care for nature that is increasingly widespread in our country.


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