Stihl Timbersports 2019 championship winners


The ninth edition of the Italian Stihl Timbersports Championship took place in the frame of the Secular Fair of the Madonna di Rogoredo.
As usual, the race was preceded by the Rookie Cup. Eight athletes from Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic competed on Sunday 8 September.
Rain and humidity did not stop the young athletes who struggled to field the techniques learned during the annual camps. To keep the name of Italy four very young: Alessandro Ciaponi, now a sports veteran, Filippo Panzeri, Michel Perrin and Alberto Fumagalli.
The winner of the evening was the Swiss Oliver Reinhard. Along with him on the podium, compatriot Robin Haas and Czech Ivan Bambuskar.
The main event took place on Monday in the late afternoon. At 17.30 the eleven athletes in the Pro category kicked off the race starting with the Underhand discipline, followed by the Stock Saw and Standing Block Chop. The best eight have moved on to the next phase, while Adelindo Di Santolo, Enrico Perrone and Aldo Fogliazza have been eliminated. Following the contestants competed in the Single Buck and Springboard. Here Matteo Rizzi, Daniel Filippi and Diego Gabbrini abandon the race while the top 5 compete in the last spectacular challenge of the Hot Saw.
With a succession of final twists, the winner of this ninth edition is Andrea Rossi, who after years succeeds in his goal: to bring home the title of champion. With him on the podium the two friends from Valtellina, Mattia Berbenni and Marco Locatelli.


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