Stonecity become even bigger


An outdoor park, built with stones from five continents to show the styles of gardening from all over the world here Stonecity, the granules Zandobbio, about to cut the ribbon at the new extension. The park now extends to 5,000 square meters, a unique of its kind, which brings together the best solutions made with natural products: all the charm of the stone of every kind, size and origin. A city of stone" attractive and refined, from aesthetic absolutely charming, unique.The area contains 28 gardens furnished according to the styles of many nations around the world, enhanced by tropical plants and precious woods. And then, of course, from decorative pebbles, at least a hundred monoliths, flooring, granules, walls and finishes (production and sale of natural stone is concerned Granulati Zandobbio). There are also ten fountains, a swimming pool, and more than a hundred species of plants.Stonecity came very close to Bergamo in 2012, with the intent - explained the company - "to make known to our numerous clients abroad is valued as an outdoor area, which is often the subject of great attention and considered as a real second home. To those who continue to imagine the garden as a large green space we have instead tried to communicate and appreciate the beauty of each application. "The official opening is scheduled for September 30, but until October 4 Stonecity you can visit every day from 9 to 24.To register and saperene more visit"

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