Strategies to improve green areas in the city


How can greenery contribute to urban regeneration? The theme is at the center of the conference organized by ANVE - National Association of Exhibitor Nurseries, which represents the protection and assistance of Italian producers. The event is scheduled for the morning of 21 September, inside Flormart Padova.
"To best carry out our mission, we collaborate with associations both nationally and internationally, among these we would like to remind you that we are members of ENA (European Nurserystock Association) and have been participating for years in the European Project "Green Cities Europe", a community initiative that aims to promote sustainable development in European cities”, explain the association.
The goal is to help cities adopt environmental strategies and policies that can improve the quality of life of citizens, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the natural environment through the construction of new green areas.
The community campaign, born in 2021 and which includes thirteen participating countries, is aimed primarily at people professionally involved in the design of urban living environments.
In Italy, the project is implemented by ANVE through an annual thematic conference that embraces various stakeholders in the sector: agronomists, landscape architects, the media, professional associations, political representatives and citizens.
Pursuant to the respective regulations, participation in the event (subject to registration) allows the recognition of Professional Training Credits (CFP) for Agronomists and Forestry Doctors and for Agricultural Experts and Graduated Agricultural Experts.
In order to participate in the event both in presence and online, it is necessary to register by completing the registration form on the ANVE website.


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