Students' works on display in Minoprio


The overall effect will certainly have an effect: about fifty works by the students of the Minoprio Foundation will be exhibited during the final exams of the new three-year course "Agricultural operator", with the new address in the cultivation of herbaceous, horticultural and woody plants in the open field and in the greenhouse.
The final exam will take place, for the practical part, on the morning of Friday 27 May.
Each student has prepared an area of 70x3.70 m2, which he will describe to his classmates in the other classes: the design, the choice of plants, the construction, the economic part with metric calculation. The materials used were all produced in the Foundation.
"These are the final works of the three-year period, a summary of the commitment put into practical subjects in the previous 3 years (maintenance, nursery, gardening, agricultural economics, IT skills, design principles, botanical recognition, graphic representation)", they explain from the Minoprio foundation.

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