Great success for the Fair Vita in Campagna


Ended yesterday (Sunday, March 29), the fifth edition of the Fair Country Life with record numbers that confirm the formula that most apt of this event: 45,000 visitors, an increase of 13% from last year. Satisfaction with Giorgio Vincenzi, editor of editions of The Informant Agrario Country Life, organizer of the event: A proof of the validity of the formula of the event, with specialized stand and over 180 free courses on a farm rebuilt from life, set in 5 pavilions on an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. Very positive collaboration enabled by the trade fair organizer in 5 editions constantly growing number of visitors and for the wealth of initiatives implemented ". Among the first highlights for the year 2016, the setting up of an area dedicated to small fruits, cranberries from the berries gojii, much loved for their antioxidant properties.The Fair Country Life is the only trade show in Italy that offers more than 180 courses-free meetings held by experts on garden, gardening, pruning of orchards, vineyards and olive groves, and the breeding of farm animals. In particular, this year has been set up in Hall 7 of the Hall country house with a large exhibition of antique rustic furniture, while the Pavilion 8 was entirely dedicated to the Hall of Origin and will offer the opportunity to know, taste and buy products Italian food quality to the stands, through events and specialized training initiatives.** Trends and curiosity from the exhibition of life in the country in 2015 **Organic garden growing, a passion that involves from teenagers to the elderly, mainly in the age group between 30 and 50 years and grown for the most part by women. The Luca Conte testified in a crowded conference at the Country Fair in life, according to his eight years of experience in training and author of the new bookEditions of the Agrarian Informer "The organic vegetable garden." "Not only is grown without the use of fertilizers and pesticides and through a personal check - explains Luca Conte - but also for the pleasure of exercising a manual activity that you see the fruits day after day. The fact that we save is an aspect not priority ". A trend confirmed by Lorenzo Roquebrune, horticulture expert whose courses were among the most watched in the fair: "In general, more and more men and women grow their own vegetables in a renewed relationship with nature. Most do it for a hobby, but some carry small productions that are managed by groups of fair trade. " "The organic garden" is a manual that provides the basic knowledge and explains the techniques used to successfully growing vegetables for family consumption. Teaches how to set up the garden, manage features and fertility of the soil, sowing and transplanting correctly, understand the relationship between plants and water, including vegetables and weeds with a biological approach, ie applying the principles of agroecology, in order to use less time, water, fertilizers and pesticides. A wide range of images (more than 300 photos and drawings in color), cards with practical examples and especially the ability to access 16 video lessons on YouTube, in which the author explores the themes of the text, make understanding more Immediate and make this volume a unique work on the national scene."


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