Liquid supplement Fito Drop by drop


At the end of a harsh winter, look out here in the spring, with its swirl of color and its lively atmosphere. Here come the months when the plants return to shine, giving light and warmth to the home and the terrace: for this, reborn desire to take care of the green house, to ensure healthy growth and blooming.The many commitments, lack of time and experience, however, can be a hindrance in engaging in a relaxing and rewarding hobby like gardening: how?By Fito comes the solution: the well-known liquid supplement Fito Drop by drop, the perfect ally to ensure to all types of plants grow healthy and energetic in a few simple gestures.Drip is a liquid supplement, practical and easy to use: the vial ready to gradually and in a balanced way all the minerals and substances of which the plant needs to grow over a period of 15 days.Even those with little time or inexperience, in fact, will attend to the green home thanks to Fito Drop by drop Geraniums and flowering plants, the ideal ally for plants protagonists of spring. Take a few steps to keep the color and brilliance of the most beautiful flowers.

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