The sustainable and biological control of harmful agents to the plants


Among the insights employees dedicated to the works of Flora Trade Show, he has aroused great interest in the Focus on the National Action Plan (NAP), organic and sustainable control plants and the means of combating harmful species.
At the conference organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region on the green plant protection, introduced by the Regional Agriculture Simona Caselli, there was talk of "New challenges for the green in Emilia-Romagna: sustainable management and attention to the harmful alien species". At the table of the speakers Dr. Nicoletta Go and Massimo Bariselli the Phytosanitary Service Emilia-Romagna, which have amply illustrated the content of the PAN, the aspects related to it and the issues related to alien pest.
The meeting was developed in two main areas: one relating to the legal and technical aspects and the other on ways and means of combating harmful alien species. The first debate of the window then analyzed the scope of protection of plants in nurseries and non-agricultural areas, illustrating the regional guidelines to protect the ornamental species, floral and forest in the light of the directives 2009/128 / EC on the sustainable of plant protection products, while the second has seen at the center of the harmful species that attack and destroy our plants.
He then discussed the preliminary information, the natural struggle and biological control, all in a long-term scenario, demanding a change of agriculture strategic step, necessary and indispensable, more and more towards alternative forms of biological control or very low risk where protection of plants and the environment passes first through a careful and meticulous monitoring.

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