It is the first rose blossomed bionics


Researchers at the Swedish University of Linkoping, Sweden, led by Magnus Berggre, have carried out an unprecedented experiment: implanting organic circuits within living plants. For the first time the electronic circuit is applied to the natural physiological of plants and flowers. One that has blossomed in short is the first rose bionics.The applications of the attempt (the discovery was recently published in Advances Scienc) may relate to the regulation of the cycle of the plants and the control of chemical processes and growth, but also the possibility to intervene from the engineering point of view without touching the DNA, or even through biosensors use photosynthesis to create energy.Now - said Berggren - we can begin to talk about how plants 'power stations'. For example we can put sensors in plants and use the energy provided by chlorophyll, green or antennas produce completely new materials."Photo: Linköping University"

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