Synthetic lawns with very high likelihood


Like the real one, but without effort. Tenax presents the Irish Mat line of synthetic mats, characterized by very high likelihood, but also resistance and practicality, suitable for many uses.
Irish Mat is made with top quality virgin materials and is offered in a wide range in two heights of thread (23 and 40 mm). The synthetic threads in HDPE and PP are sewn on a draining support.
Tenax IRISH MAT synthetic lawns have 8 years of color guarantee in terms of UV resistance, once laid your synthetic turf will remain beautiful and perfect for long years.
"Always very green, resistant to the bad weather of the different seasons, the synthetic meadows Irish Mat, explained by Tenax - are perfect for renovating a terrace or a balcony. The synthetic lawn can also offer original and great design solutions for a green in unexpected areas such as the interior of houses, shelters, roofs and wolf mouths. It can also be declined as an original carpet for dehor or as a runner. Thanks to its resistance to chlorine, artificial grass is also the ideal solution around swimming pools, but also of impact for restaurants, hotels and public places, playgrounds and public gardens, for its uncomplicated maintenance ".
Maintenance is almost nil and allows considerable savings in terms of time and money, with no more costs for irrigation, weed or grass cutting.
The synthetic lawn is also the perfect solution for long waterless summers that risk compromising the natural turf by drying it.
As far as cleaning and restoration of the turf is concerned, a small brush with hard bristles or a blower, a water pipe (or a pressure washer regulating the intensity) and a neutral detergent are sufficient. If the synthetic lawn is placed on the terrace or on a balcony you can also use a vacuum cleaner.
The Irish Mat Tenax synthetic lawns do not attract insects or mosquitoes, they are friends of pets that are perfectly at ease on synthetic grass without the risk of being tormented by parasites that are normally found in the lawn.
The installation is quite simple and can be done independently, following the video tutorials of Tenax, but for larger or complex surfaces it is advisable to contact a professional.
For retailers, Tenax offers display solutions for both self-service dealers (roll display units) and for meter-assisted sales.
Teaching, displays and totems show all the advantages of the Tenax range by multiplying sales, the samples allow you to touch the very high quality and verisimilitude of the synthetic lawn line Irish Mat Tenax.


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