Tax relief for jobs on the private green: The Government remains committed


An important result was achieved during the meeting organized in the House to discuss proposed legislation on tax exemption for works on the private green: the government is in fact arrived the commitment to put in the next budget an amendment that promotes tax breaks for interventions the private gardens.Now the next step is the development of the text of the amendment, to be submitted by September. The general objectives of the proposal are increased employment, increased tax revenue, the surfacing of undeclared work, the recognition of the entire chain, and not least the improvement of the quality of life of citizens.Satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting expressed Nada Scissors, President of AFB and Assoflora Lombardy: Greater participation by parliamentarians, intervened to the government: the deputy minister of agriculture, Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, the President Realacci. Italian politics today knows that our industry exists. I think with the conference yesterday the Chamber of Deputies, will allow me to say that if we are united maybe something we can achieve, both at national and regional levels having always the 'goal of leaving the industry well parochialism and partisan interests. the Vice Minister Olivero has said in his speech: thanks to our union at the national level they could understand who we are, our numbers and what we asked for. "In support contributed, among others, Dr. Rita Baraldi, CNR researcher, who has documented how many particulates objective data are absorbed by plants and the consequent savings in public spending, resulting from the beneficial effects of trees environment and human health


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