Bioethical gardeners enters the Technical Committee of GardenTV


The Bioenergy Gardener is a quality brand reserved for professional gardeners created by Simone Fenio and Francisco Merli Panteghini to promote professionalism and the sincere search for a new way of gardening in harmony with the laws of the Earth's biosphere.
This is not a trade association, nor a training center but a quality label that can be achieved with the cooperation of the other certified members to create a network of work and exchange.
The BioEtico Gardener is continually committed to the search for practices and technologies that are in harmony with the biological life network, well aware that it is a continuous research and subjected to the challenges that new situations and requests of its customers always lead to new fields. Also aware that in practice there is no possibility of easy judgments and visions in black and white, the BioEtico Gardener personally tries to collaborate in the birth and maintenance of balanced gardens rich in biodiversity, educating their customers to an ecological and respectful vision of the garden that they keep inside the great garden of the Earth. This is why the BioEtico Gardener, under his / her free responsibility, adheres to these guidelines knowing that the repeated and documented violation of these principles could cause the loss of qualifications to adhere to this quality label.


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