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The Tecnogarden Ronda Giorgio was established in 1990 and acquired, year after year, a lot of experience in plant engineering fields and gardening. The support of "older" young gardeners with good prospects has also made possible the difficult combination of the classic gardening with new techniques, more and more advanced, getting very appreciated results. The company operates according to the standards of ISO 9001 guaranteeing a constantly monitored service and able to face any eventuality with competence, efficiency and courtesy. Our technicians will follow step by step the construction of your garden, from the design, through computer software support can show you the end result even before the actual construction, implementation, and maintenance. Staff at the Tecnogarden is composed not only of gardeners but also by electricians, plumbers and bricklayers in order to carry out any work independently without the help of outside companies reducing costs and economically demanding times for the customer. The company also has a large fleet able to face any situation, from small gardens to large park.
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Tecno Garden
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