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Tecnogarden Service srl

Tecnogarden Service srl It was founded in 1996 to build and operate a composting plant vegetable waste from the maintenance of parks and gardens. Built and started up the facilities of Vimercate MB (1998) and Rome Spinaceto (2003), Tecnogarden exerts a real recovery urban service of plant and wood waste with production of raw materials.

The products obtained by recycling facilities are compost, an agricultural fertilizer, and the wood. The markets they are destined for products are agriculture but especially horticultural, the air treatment systems limited to biofiltration, the production of particle board industry and biomass power plants for the production of energy.
Implementing its own work with mobile systems, shredders and screeners, Tecnogarden has very developed the contract work; plus triturations and sieving performed at composting facilities, are made more 'various processes both in the waste disposal industry (shredding MSW, wood, plastic, bulky; soils and aggregates screening; sorting waste and bulk products) in various productive sectors .
The subcontracting led immediately Tecnogarden assumption of the most important commitments and the provision of services and complex services; They have therefore been carried out clearance operations, often performed in association with other companies, and management of waste treatment plants.
In conjunction with the launching in Italy of large plants for the production of electricity from biomass, Tecnogarden has activated a specific branch of forestry holding in culling, forestry maintenance operations and recovery of wood biomass used as fuel.

Tecnogarden has a work force of approximately 30 employees and more than 15 specific mobile machinery for shredding and screening.

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Tecnogarden Service srl
Strada Comunale Cascina Casiraghi 15, Vimercate (MB)

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