Temperatures above average: early blooms


From north to south, spring - which officially begins today - exploded in advance and temperatures above average (around 3 degrees Celsius) caused an early flowering of plants and meadows: the monitoring of Coldiretti is based on data Ucea relating to the first ten days of March.
"The anomalies - reads the communication of Coldiretti - concerned all the regions of the Peninsula with maximum temperatures above the average of even 5.1 degrees in Emilia, 3.8 degrees in Trentino, 3.7 degrees in Veneto, of 3.6 degrees in Friuli as in Tuscany, 3.4 degrees in Sardinia, 3.3 degrees in the Marche of 3 degrees in Sicily ”.
The result is that if in Sicily the almond trees blossomed a week before in Romagna for the apricot trees - underlines Coldiretti - there is an acceleration of fifteen days. A show that makes the plants now particularly vulnerable to a possible return of bad weather that could hit with violent thunderstorms and hailstorms that affect the crops.
A concern especially in the north is also a historic drought, a dry winter marked by halved rainfall (-50% in the north compared to the average), which left the mountains dry, rivers, lakes, overgrown lands, and without snow. water is essential for irrigating crops, according to an analysis by Coldiretti based on the latest ISAC / CNR data.


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