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The range of divisions and schematic Texstyle and the synthetic hedges Divy 3D Plus by Tenax are enriched with five products in the name of design and style, but also of resistance and simplicity of installation.

Nuances of great impact for the new Texstyle
The Texstyle range signs products of the highest quality, with an excellent visual impact that is combined with ease of installation and resistance to the elements.
In PVC and polyester and UV color stabilization, Texstyle is easy to cut to size, does not tear and does not loosen, it can be installed in a very short time thanks to the comfortable eyelets arranged every 30 cm.
"For some years now Texstyle has been synonymous with the style for the dehors of the Italians that has conquered Europe too - explains Massimo Morganti, marketing manager Tenax - a real fashion phenomenon in design screens, a fresh and innovative brand that has rewrote the canons of style for outdoor products ".
The already wide range in two heights and in lengths ranging from 3 to 25 meters is now enriched with new textures and new colors. After the success of the last born "Champagne" on a "Privé" type plot, in 2018 three new styles are proposed: Texstyle Double with a double-weft metallic effect and the two colors of All Black and All Green that reinterpret the full color in a way amazing.

The three products will be on the market in the 1x5 rotating high format for a guaranteed sales success. All products have, from the tradition of Texstyle, comfortable eyelets every 30 cm that facilitate the application, a remarkable resistance to tearing that is combined with the possibility of easily shaping the product for finishing.

Synthetic hedges Divy 3D: Tenax synthetic hedge 2.0
Goodbye to products of limited duration, goodbye especially to the "fake" effect: Tenax has innovated the concept of synthetic hedge with its 3D line, a design solution for vertical green but also horizontal, both outdoor and indoor.
Those of the Divy 3D line are produced with an incredible likelihood and long-lasting resistance to UV rays (5-year warranty) which, thanks to their HDPE (high density polyethylene) leaves, clearly differ from the very long-lasting polyester market standards limited.
The name of 3D highlights the superiority of this concept from a tactile and visual point of view compared to the traditional leaves of synthetic hedges.
The DIVY 3D line includes the "squares" of the Puzzle Line with five varieties of leaf (undergrowth, ivy, maple, boxwood and cypress) perfect for indoor and outdoor architectural applications, such as vertical green walls but also design corners in wolf mouths or horizontal green in unexpected positions such as roofs or shelters.
The HDPE leaf is also applied to the willow stretch fabric in the 1x2 meter Divy X-Tens Osmanthus 3D product, a great success of last season, and from this year also to two new solutions.


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