Tenax Quadra, new format for 50 years


Tenax, the world leader in the production of plastic networks and gardening items, celebrates 50 years of the iconic product of this market: Quadra 10, the protective mesh in HDPE with 10 mm mesh, the original since 1968.
Thanks to the productive expertise and the use of only virgin polymers, Quadra, like all Tenax extruded nets, brilliantly overcomes the so-called "tearing test".
The regularity of the form, the absence of imperfections, the uniformity and the color fidelity guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years, are the pluses of Quadra which make the Made in Italy triumph over imported products.
To pay homage to Quadra's 50th anniversary, Tenax launches the new Quadra 10 format in the unique 1.5 m height on the market, in 5 and 50 m lengths and in silver colors (the material and the first choice masters ensure a visual metal), brown and in the famous green Tenax.
A new logo, which emphasizes the personality of the product, and the packaging for take-away rolls, which will bear the decorations in gold, want to give renewed visibility to this icon-product, thus enhancing the uniqueness of this network that has made the story of Tenax and the Gardening and DIY sector.
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