Test Pellenc cordless pruning machine

Reviews pruning chainsaws (9 video)

The heading "Reviewed in the garden" presents the tests of pruning chainsaws, with the comment of a professional arborist. Echo, Greenworks, Pellenc, Husqvarna, Al-ko, Einhell, K-Japan and Stihl, 8 models compared.


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In this new installment, the "Reviewed in the Garden" section offers the test of the Pellenc Selion C21 cordless pruning machine.
In the test it is used with ULiB 1500 battery, ideal for working on the ground or on the basket; for use in tree climbing, the ULiB 250 battery-powered combination is recommended instead.
The aluminum alloy chainsaw mounts a 30 cm bar. The chain brake is electronic and stops automatically in case of rebound. The chain pull is automatic and therefore does not require the use of other tools.
The Selio C21 chainsaw weighs 2 kg. Mount a hook to hang it on the harness.
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