The test to choose the right plant for your home


It starts from the light than there is in the house? Then with a series of other questions, including the frequency of periods away from home, the ability to take care of the plants, the kind of the room which they are intended, the type of ceiling and furniture, you will discover which species better suited to be hosted in their has created an infographic with useful tips for decorating with a touch of green and green with the right for each dwelling.Not only decorative - they write - the plants in the house are some real life partners, it can transform the interior into a place where you always feel at home. While the green thumbs like a little 'home-nature, so-called blacks inch appreciate anything that can survive on its own. Whatever the color of their fingers, there is certainly a plant just right ".The chart also suggests water requirements of different plants and provides useful tips for repotting and care in general, but also for example for the relationship with domestic animals."


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