Trial light and comfortable battery-powered brushcutter, without cable


With its very light weight the EasyCut Gardena Trimmer allows you to cut the lawn for a long time without feeling tired. The adjustable telescopic handle allows you to adjust the trimmer to the size of your body, while the additional adjustable handle ensures ergonomic use.
It is a comfortable, battery-powered, and easy to use brushcutter.
The head can be adjusted in its angle for a working position of 0, 10 or 60 degrees. Even hard-to-reach places such as grass to be cut even under a garden bench or table can be reached easily in this way.
The long autonomy of the high-performance 18V 2.6Ah Li-ion battery, lasting around 60 minutes, never disappoints you. In addition, the battery is compatible with all devices of the Gardena 18 V battery system and can be charged at any time without memory effect.
If you already own a Gardena device with an 18V battery, this version of the trimmer without the included battery is ideal for you. Ideal for small to medium sized lawns.


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