Pellenc cordless brush cutter test

7 brush cutters tested for you (7 video)

Our professional gardener has tried 7 models of brushcutters, both battery and petrol-driven, designed for different needs in the garden: Brumi 35S and 53D, Echo ECDST-58V, Ego ST1510 Powerload, Husqvarna 115iL, McCulloch B33 PS +, Pellenc Excelion Alpha .


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For the column "Reviewed in the garden" our professional gardener has tried the professional model Pellenc Excelion Alpha. The company points out that the Excelion Alpha mower can only fit the wire and not the blades.
The brushcutter is tested here with a 260 battery, but the 520 battery is also available. Excelion Alpha is also fully compatible with the batteries previously available on the market.
New design, simple and ergonomic, it guarantees a unique handling and a remarkable productivity thanks to the engine at 6,400 rpm and to an average battery life of 3 hours. Its versatility makes it suitable both for cutting tall, dense grass and heavy work by professional gardeners and for finishing work on the most demanding.

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