Testing of disinfection techniques


Again this year comes Campo Demo, the day of information on the dummy techniques proposed by Agricola 2000 (who will organize it from 2014). The event is on June 21 in Turano Lodigiano.
The themes proposed for this year are the disruption of corn through chemical disinfection strategies that do not provide for the use of terbutylazine, which in 2017 in Lombardy may only be applied to 70% of the company SAU, which will fall to 50% in 2018.
There will also be talk of misleading strategies for maize and soybeans against cypresses, in particular Cyperus esculentus, whose expansion has been more and more concern for farmers for a number of years, will be compiled of adjuvant products, where mixtures of the main herbicides will be compared Corn and soya adjuvants and how these can affect the effectiveness of herbicides.
Lastly, rice disinfestation strategies are sown in dry conditions and run with irrigated crops, which are of particular interest in the light of the limitations of the use of the oxadiazon active ingredient and the growing increase in the areas sown in rice even in areas not traditionally used.
This year's showcases will also be presented, with the purpose to present the cornflower lines for corn, soy and rice this year, proposed by the major agrochemical companies.
(For subscriptions and the complete program, please visit www.campodemo.com).


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