The Plant Sitter



The Plant Sitter

The Plant Sitter is a new green professional who devotes his attention to helping all those who have in the city green space in your home or business and they would like to make them more healthy, lush and beautiful, but also is not left on their own .

The Plant Sitter is replaced professionally to those who have no time (due to holidays, travel, commitments), desire, skill, to treat their plants indoors or on balconies and terraces.

The Plant Sitter is also available, with his advice, to reveal, to those who want to be part of a small green revolution, the first simple tricks to cure the plants: one learns to have a green thumb!

In addition to taking over the management of the home green, it offers advice for those who want to start from scratch to design a small space of relaxation, both in the choice of the most suitable for enhancing the value in terms of aesthetics plants with new furnishings and design projects (exhibitions and design in private and corporate environment).

Disclosure of botany culture is an important focus of the Plant Sitter that, in this fast-paced world, tries to bring attention to the slow and patient size landscape maintenance: we rimpossessarci small and great joys of life as the take care of plants that allow us nothing less than to breathe!

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The Plant Sitter
Via Vassalli Eandi 17, Torino (TO)

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