A therapeutic garden for cancer patients


A space conceived and designed for the welfare of cancer patients, a garden that is good for health: in Cosenza has been recently opened the Healing Garden, a therapeutic garden, first of its kind in the southern Italy, built by Rotary and Rotaract in the Annunziata Civil Hospital oncology ward.The Healing Garden is a space that aims to promote and improve the health and wellbeing of people: it is now being recognized in the regenerating of the gardens function as support for cancer care. In the green within the hospital, sufferers can find a quiet and comfortable place, which is good for the body and spirit of patients, but also their family members.The architectural project was curated by Francesco Spada, young associate engineer Rotaract Club Cosenza, who was assisted by Luigi Andreoli, craftsman, for the implementation of the intervention. The installation was designed according to the contemporary conception of layouts of green spaces by means of restraints wood vegetation box. The result was to be able to embellish an area of the hospital ward with non-invasive interventions and reversible, for the benefit of the livability of a purely suffering space.


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