The therapeutic garden: training course


Designing the green "that is good": this is the theme of the training course to be held in Milan from 16 February to 23 March. The initiative is by the Politecnico di Milano, with the patronage, among others, of the Aiapp, the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture.
"It is scientifically demonstrated that the association of a component of therapeutic green to a building is able to significantly increase the quality of life and to maintain the psycho-physical well-being of those who live there", explain the organizers.
This is why a "conscious" design succeeds in giving shape to elements of great utility in the treatment of some specific pathologies, but also in supporting social discomfort, as well as in the evolution of the lifestyle of people with disabilities.
"Through an approach strongly oriented to social-health contexts and to health architectures, with multi-disciplinary contributions on the methodological, technical and regulatory aspects, the course - reads the presentation - intends to provide the tools to plan and realize therapeutic and natural spaces for interaction and socialization. The course is aimed at all those who want to deepen the link between built environment, wellbeing and health, with particular reference to the direct relationship between the place and the therapy ".
Recipients of the landscape course, architects, urban planners and engineers, but also doctors and operators of all the professions involved.
The course is structured as a single cycle of 12 lessons (for a total of 48 hours) with frequency on Fridays, from 9.00am to 1.15pm and from 2.15pm to 6.30pm. For the fifth day there will be an experiential workshop at the Brera Botanical Garden, while the last day is entirely dedicated to a practical group exercise. A certificate of participation will be issued by the scientific-organizational secretariat, after verification of exceeding the minimum required frequency, appropriate to the professional category of belonging.

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