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Tiziano Codiferro

My name is Titian, is a gardener of Florence and I have a story a bit 'special: since 2007 I said goodbye to my degree in business and economics and to the desk, to dedicate myself with enthusiasm to the realization and maintenance of gardens and parks, gardens and terraces flowering.

After a period of higher education at the School of Agrarian Park of Monza, become a gardener it has been for me a concrete way to recover forgotten dreams and values. With work in the showroom I had the opportunity to get in touch with architects and landscape designers, with the world of design and creativity: so I tried to bring together the love of beautiful things to my old passion for nature and gardening .

Believe they can transform my life by following a deep and hidden feeling, only to realize that what is happening today gives me much more strength and energy; you too will have thought at least once "But who am I doing this, I want to change my life ... sooner or later I do it!". Well: I did.

Next to the traditional or the flowery terrace, urban gardens, green walls and green roofs garden they are increasingly being used, especially in places open to the public as offices, hotels, shops and SPA: to people and companies who ask me projects I offer tailored solutions , easy to maintain and affordable, unpublished but respectful of the environment and the recipients that are designed. I can create and cultivate vegetable gardens and gardens for you or help you - from garden coach - to do so independently.
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