Grin presents his robotic lawnmower


A growing but very competitive market, that of home automation in the garden, and that now sees a new player. The Brian company Grin, known for its "Tagli, non collect, do not go to landfill" mowers, launches its lawnmower robot.
GardenTV has taken possession of some "spy" photos and information.

First of all the robot is called R3.1, the model has not yet been preset to the general public, but the Sirtori company has already started with a pilot project with 10 Italian retailers that have the exclusive product.

R3.1 is recommended for a lawn of 3,000 square meters, but can cut a maximum extension of 5,000 square meters.
Among the features in our possession we know that the Grin robot is simple to install, it can be customized, it is prepared for an automatic slowing down near the wire, it is equipped with two bruschless motors, it has an adjustable rain sensor and has the most varied standard gps sensors for use and safety.
R3.1 is equipped with a double cutting plate

In our opinion the most distinctive feature is the cutting system, consisting of a double cutting plate with floating blades, a system that differentiates it from other products on the market, in fact - in general - the cutting system of the robotic lawnmower is composed of or by a fixed blade or from a single cutting plate with floating or fixed blades.


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