The tour of Italy gardening with #lacoppiaverdeintour


A tour around the green, with a means covered" of lawn that will march through several Italian cities. It is a new event launched by Compo Italy, with the hashtag "#lacoppiaverdeintour".The green pair is formed by Compo and Gesal brands, traveling aboard the means unique. Who will meet with photograph and be photographed, then posting photos under the hashtag created for the occasion, #lacoppiaverdeintour precisely.The Compo-Gesal will distribute to all staff a postcard ecological paper and biodegradable which, if put into a pot with potting soil, releasing seeds that will lead to the growth of a seedling.The afternoon then, the green truck will move in a garden center, where he will continue the engagement activities with photos, combined with the distribution of a bicolor pencil, a symbol of the combination of two major brands under one company.The tour will begin from Garbagnate Milanese April 9, then touch the city of Concorezzo, Pontenure, Casalecchuio Reno, Pietrasanta, Cassano delle Murge, Potenza, Catania, Messina, Gioia Tauro, Gragnano, Lancusi of Fisciano, Terni, Acilia, Rome.At the end of the tour the "couple" will have more than earned his tshirt... green!"


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