Tractors tight: the No farmers to legislation


European organizations of farmers took the field on the issue of tractors tight", and line up alongside manufacturing industries. The application to tractors for vineyards and orchards of the legislation on engines Phase IV and V, which provides for substantial changes in the architecture of the machines to accommodate the voluminous devices of treatment of exhaust gases, is considered by the European companies and cooperatives Copa-Cogeca farming illogical and very detrimental to the primary sector. After the opposition of the Italian federation of manufacturers FederUnacoma, and the European Committee of Manufacturers Cema, the front contrary to the legislation therefore strengthens the position of farmers, expressed in an official communication sent on 20 May to the Director General of DG Growth (Internal Market, Industry, SMEs) from the European Commission, Daniel Calleja Crespo. In the letter to the Commission agricultural organizations highlight the difficulties related to the application of a rigid rule that does not take into account the peculiarities of specialized tractors, which must maintain the current handling characteristics to operate in vineyards and orchards with planting and spacings not editable. In the European wine sector - supporting farmers - the vineyards are traditionally planted according to a model that has a high density compared with areas of production in other parts of the world. This historical method of making wine - say farms - is a key feature that contributes to the quality of the wine and the traditional agricultural landscape of Europe. The document highlights the professional organizations, in this case, the inconsistency of Community policies, which have encouraged the creation of the first vineyards at high density, according to the pattern typical European, and now would force a change, with damage also in terms of landscape being part of the territories of wine production recognized by UNESCO. The Document Copa-Cogeca does not fail to mention also the economic aspects of the issue, pointing out that the projected increase of 20/30% of the cost of the modified tractors for Phase IV and V is an extra cost for which farmers certainly will not get a compensation from the market. The point of view of agricultural organizations have a considerable political weight, and is added to the "dossier" entrusted within the European Parliament to Mr. Elisabetta Gardini, rapporteur for the whole legislation on engines for non-road vehicles. The goal of the opposition front is to get an exemption for tractors close to the general rule and regulation developed on purpose."

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