Tractors, limits for internal combustion engines

Limiti di emissione e di omologazione per i motori a combustione interna


Delivered in the Environment Committee's report by MEP Elisabetta Gardini on engines for non-road equipment which includes, albeit indirectly, the thorny issue of narrow tractors". The Association of Italian, the Committee of European manufacturers and organizations in the agricultural world in line with the request of the parliamentary ad hoc legislation that takes into account the specific characteristics of compact tractors and take note of dell'inapplicabilità for these machines' current regulation on emissions.Starting from the proposal drawn up by the European Commission for road machinery, it shows that it is not compatible with the technical characteristics of compact tractors, used for working in vineyards and orchards. The tractors for specialized machining have not, in fact, the physical space to install the voluminous devices for the treatment of exhaust gases imposed by the new Community legislation, unless they are entirely redesigned with unsustainable costs.The redesign of the machines - says Assotrattori, the association that represents manufacturers FederUnacoma within the sector and tractors that met the Hon. Gardini on 4 May in Bologna - may result in an increase in costs of between 20% and 30%, a percentage that would put out exorbitant market the new machines, with disastrous consequences for our industries. The calendar of deadlines dictated by the regulations requires that the changes on the machines (Phase V) should be introduced as early as 2019/2020, not taking into account the fact that in October 2017 tractors tight will already comply with the requirements of the previous Phase IV. In short, manufacturers are struggling because for tractors and specialized exceptions under rules for the application of different rules with respect to the general provisions applicable to most other non-road vehicles."


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