Tractor brakes on the European market


It is a drop of 7.6 percent, what is recorded in the sales figures of tractors in most European countries for the first eight months of 2015. The number of cars sold by the end of August was 109mila, compared to 117 thousand of same period last year. The numbers come from CEMA, the association Europe agricultural machinery manufacturers and witness a significant decline in all European countries: less than 4.4 percent in France, 8.7 percent less than in Germany, to a peak of less than 16 percent of the UK . The Italian is passive rather less heavy: FederUnacoma data for the first nine months of the year speak of a decline of 3 percent.A fact which, although less negative, is in addition to the continuous declines since 2009, which brought the number of matrices registered historically low (just over 18 thousand in 2014).The Italian economy has slowly recovered to march - says the president FederUnacoma Goldoni - and this may stimulate greater confidence and a willingness to return to invest in the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment, but an improvement in the market will have only the next year, because the announcement made by the government in recent days about the allocation for 2016 of 45 million euro for the purchase of agricultural equipment could freeze purchases in late 2015 "."To prevent the last quarter of the year appears frozen regarding purchases - added Goldoni - we are creating initiatives to farmers to inform them about the financing opportunities offered by the European Union with funds for Rural Development Plans, Funds that are not only substantial, but which must be spent by December 31 to avoid the obligation to return the same to the coffers of the European Union "."

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