Traffic and transport: the news around Eima International


The novelty of EIMA International, held in Bologna November 9 to 13, are many and are located both inside and outside the exhibition center. The technical content of the event - which sees the highest number of patents, prototypes and new premiere ever recorded in the history of the festival, and it reached the number of 1,900 exhibiting companies from 50 countries, with visitors expected from 140 countries - also corresponds to a trim completely redesigned logistics. The road outside the Fair - that the 2014 has been a critical element due to clogging caused by the flow of incoming visitors - has been redesigned according to the specific needs of the exhibition, with the definition of alternative routes compared to ' exit "Fiera" of the ring road on which traffic usually thickens. Thanks to the establishment of a "control room", attended by the relevant departments of the Municipality of Bologna, the police forces, the Società Autostrade, the exhibition Body and FederUnacoma (the Federation of builders organizer of the event), traffic It will be monitored in real time and the flow of the machines will be conveyed to the highways and more free ring road. For machines coming from the A14 - for example - the recommended route scheduled for release in San Lazzaro, and then, from the bypass, exit 10 and follow signs for multi-storey parking Michelino; for vehicles coming from the motorway A13 and exit will be to Arcoveggio, and then from the bypass 7a the output from which go to the P6 and P8 car parks; for vehicles coming from the A1 route scheduled for release in Borgo Panigale-Casalecchio, exit 6 and then ring road route suitable for P6 and P8 car parks. From parking the fairgrounds can be reached by private shuttles, while ad hoc links are provided to Bologna railway station, airport and the focal points of the city. More rational and fluidity even with regard to the loading and unloading of goods, which directly affect the exhibiting industries and the transport company. For the first time was established area "Terminal", which follows the organizational standards of the major European exhibitions, and which should ensure more rational and less waiting time, avoiding those blockages that in an event the size of EIMA, and with particular bulkiness of the products transported, would otherwise be inevitable. Before departure, the truck must pre-register in a special area of the site, and acquire a coupon with a code that enables the delivery of materials at the Fair during set up and dismantling. Arrived in the Terminal - where it is still active one-stop assistance for every need - the conveyor is admitted inside the fairground having available a span of time, for unloading of materials, differentiated according to the type of vehicle . To publicize the new road system criteria and the logistics of EIMA 2016 have been prepared - on the official website of the event and BolognaFiere site - briefing notes and explanatory maps, and were created video animations, posing in linear and captivating way the procedures and optimum routes for access at the Fair; while traffic updates will be provided in real time including through the network of information panels of Highways Company.


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