Last places for the conference on Architecture of trees


Another twenty places available, then it will be sold out to the Jeanne Millet conference that 3T Training organizes in Bergamo for September 30. To participate is no time until Saturday, September 3 (connecting to site). 
During the conference dedicated to the theme of the tree it will also be presented for the Italian edition of the book Drénou, "Face aux arbres". 
"The Scientific Committee of the Conference (Carminati, Daina, Pellegatta, Manenti and Rochira) is very proud to have dealt with the translation of the work and to have contributed to its publication in Italy. It is the first book in Italian language that addresses the issue the architecture of the trees in relation to their physiological condition and vitality ", explanatory Training 3T. 
At the Conference it will be able to buy the book in the exhibition area of the Green Editorial (ACER).

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