The importance of training for gardeners and new professional figures


With the professional recognition of the figure of the gardener, the attention of the sector to the subject of training, professionalism, updating, quality of work and safety of operators has also increased, within accredited and recognized bodies. A qualified and up-to-date professional is able to propose and plan interventions carried out with awareness and foresight, respecting the customer's needs, but also and above all the environment and plant health, with an advantage also in terms of subsequent maintenance in the time. For this reason, the program of Eima Digital Preview - the digital platform created by Eima International, online from 11 to 15 November - includes training sessions, intended for professionals in the green supply chain, organized in concert with the best training institutions in the sector. which are part of Eima Green Academy: a network and a "quality brand" for recognized and updated training for green operators. The first event is scheduled on the Eima Digital Preview platform on Wednesday 11 November, from 11:00 to 12:00 and will have as its theme "The importance of training for the gardener" and its effects on the quality of work of the operators of the green, also in relation to new requests and market prospects. The speaker will be Federico Di Cara, director and teacher of the Italian Garden Academy. The speech by Francesco Dotto, international groundsman and president of IFGI (Italian groundsman training institute) and Grassmed (Mediterranean groundsman association) will instead be held on Friday 13 November, from 11:00 to 12:00, again on the Eima Digital Preview platform. . Dotto will carry out an in-depth study on a new professionalism for the gardener, entitled "The figure of the groundsman in Italy and his training", highlighting employment opportunities and prospects in the field of sports green. The meetings can be followed in streaming, through the Eima Digital Preview platform, created by Eima International, which allows virtual visits to exhibition stands, contact with companies and participation in training and business events. To follow the webinars, register for free at this link


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