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Training for garden center management

Training for garden center management


Among the training proposals of the Minoprio Foundation dedicated to garden center professionals (discover them all at this link), a new path is dedicated to the manager for the management of gardening centers. A remote open day is scheduled for Friday 24 September at 3pm.
The course for Garden Center Management Manager is organized in collaboration with AICG, the Italian Association of Gardening Centers, which brings together over 120 Italian garden centers. The course is reserved for graduates, coming from any address, without age or unemployment restrictions.
They explain from the Minoprio Foundation: «It is a truly innovative course both for the contents and for the fact that the 25 students trained at the end of the course will be placed to work in the gardens, partners of the project. Moreover, already in the two years of the course the students will carry out almost half of the hours as an internship in a company ».
The Higher Technical Managers who will be trained will have knowledge of category management and marketing, with the ability to integrate into work and people management teams. The trained professionals will have knowledge and ability to interpret and read statistical data, will obtain correct kpi to manage the company departments, will be promoters of an eco-sustainable green even in the management of the private sector from the use of peat-free soils to recyclable pots or products with materials recycled, will be introduced to integrated biological control and will be able to use bio-stimulants for plants.
A series of enabling certifications will complete the figure: rspp, fire prevention and first aid, license for the sale and use of pesticides, qualifications for the use of tools and machines for gardening, use of 3d and 4d software for green design , flower designer and organic operator.
For more information visit the Minoprio Foundation website at this link.
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