Training for sports green professionals


Promote the figure of the sports gardener, through correct information and training. The Grassmed association (Groundsman Association Merditerraneo) aims to spread the culture of sport agronomic technical assistance, and to disseminate new alternative energy systems, unfavorable in the production of CO2 (greenhouse effect) for respect for the environment as well as guaranteeing safety in sports fields for the safety and well-being of the athlete.
With the training support of the teachers of the Italian Groundsman Training Institute, it is aimed at companies in the sector, sports clubs, municipalities that still own sports fields, and all those who want to face a profession in contact with nature following its rules. pedo-climatic, for the training of the sports gardener.
The association's task is to create synergies with employment agencies, sports travel agencies, sports publishers, renewable energy companies, as well as professional exchanges from abroad to Italy and vice versa.
"Our primary goal is to obtain the professional recognition of this technical and indispensable figure for the daily maintenance of grass sports fields, following that possible path of non-ordinistic professions", regulated by the MISE through circular 3708 lg of 4 Jan 2013, where the associations that protect a profession, will later have to be part of it as a trade union body of the nascent profession. (a little more or less what the British have done with their competent Ministerial Bodies).
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