Tree climbing, new dates for courses


Between the end of November and the middle of December, new training sessions of the tree climbing courses organized by Formation 3T are being planned in several Italian cities with the aim of providing useful and safe tools and techniques for accessing and knowing to move all 'inside of the tree's hair.
The next appointments will be from 27 to 1 December in Pisa and Monza and from 11 to 15 December in Genoa and Udine. The program provides a first theoretical part to learn about the peculiarities and differences between the various rope-specific work-related rope-work-specific protective devices (PPEs), the risks of work on rope and those due to tree structure, the VTA methodology, assessing the most appropriate prevention systems and procedures. Among the topics are also the main rules contained in safety legislation (D.Lgs 81/08 and smi).
"In the practical part, step by step, all the steps that a tree climber operator during work must know and use to be able to operate safely and efficiently," explains Formation 3T.
The course deals with the main rope access techniques, the right movements within the crown, and the dpi features specific to work on trees. Exits are also made and fall back along the branches of the tree, focusing on proper posture and creating systems capable of making handling more comfortable and secure.
"The purpose of the tree-climbing course is to provide training and training that allows you to use the proper tree working systems independently; there will also be space, during the exercises, emergency management and basic recovery techniques of the wounded, "the organizers conclude.
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