Tree climbing: systems and security. The conference


A conference day for tree climbers, led by industry experts. The conference "Tree climbing: systems and security" will take place on May 18 at ArborShow, the first Italian exhibition dedicated to arboriculture (LarioFiere, 17-19 May, inside Forlener).
In the first session we will discuss Tree Climbing systems, compatibility and correct configurations in particular situations with Mark Bridge, ISA Certified Arborists and European Tree Climbing champion, and Gabriele Dovier, forest instructor, advanced level forest operator and co-founder of Training 3T. Translation is provided during the conference.
Climbing and climbing systems, connectors and other equipment will be observed. We will work with practical examples, identifying problems in specific situations, thinking up to developing the solution on how to build our own systems, adapting to the "tree structure".
This conference session is particularly useful for tree climbers who wish to expand their approach to system design, as well as to employers who wish to develop a better understanding of the criteria that can be applied in system selection and configuration.
The second session of the conference will instead concern safety. Speakers of "Working in tree climbing and safety" will be Ezio Rochira (European Tree Worker since 2003 and European Tree Technician since 2013, professional teacher in the field of safety at work, Forestry Instructor and advanced level forestry operator, as well as 3T Training Administrator) and labor consultant Veronica Bonanomi.
We will talk about regulations, the correct choice of fall arrest systems and PPE and the responsibility for this choice. Risk assessment from the point of view of employers, managers and supervisors, of correlation between dvr and pdl and between self-employed workers.
The event is valid for the recognition of ETW Credits.

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