Complete course on tree consolidation


The consolidation of trees from theory to practice, to learn (also in the field) all that is needed to construct a wiring, to reduce or eliminate the risk of failure of parts of trees. Training 3T presents its first training course on consolidation: it will be held on 20 and 21 Septembre at the Collegio della Guastalla in Monza, with the teachers Valentin Lobis and Ezio Rochira.
The course includes a theoretical part and a practical training on the choice of materials, common errors and breaking tests. It is addressed to various professional figures: "Are you an agronomist or an agricultural expert? If you need to plan a consolidation in an assessment, the course gives you all the necessary knowledge to write a project in a workmanlike manner, with indications on the type of wiring and materials to be used - reads the presentation of the course - You are a tree arborist climber? Thanks to the information and experience that we transmit during the course you will be able to design and implement a secure consolidation, in complete autonomy ".
 "The consolidation of the trees is a preventive intervention to make them safer - they explain from 3T Training - The wiring is interventions aimed at avoiding the breaking / falling of portions of the foliage, or of the entire plant, and thus guaranteeing the stability of the tree and its conservation ".
The use of tie rods can be provided in different cases, for example for the consolidation of branches set on bifurcations with bark included or with a weak insertion point; consolidation of branches with defects (cavities, wounds) that weaken the structure; consolidation of branches developed horizontally and exposed to stress; anchorage of the plant with reduced hypogean stability, to be achieved, for example, on the ground, on artefacts or other plants.
The course will last for 16 hours. For information and the complete program you can consult the 3T Training website.

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