The tree growth and its diagnosis


Understand what tells" a tree when we look at it, and especially when we prune, to intervene in the proper order. In Bergamo, September 30, Formazione3T with Progetto Verde Sostenibile organizes a new conference architecture of the trees with the French biologist Jeanne Millet."When we look at a tree for an evaluation or we plan to prune it - the organizers explain - we are not aware that that tree, at the same time, has at least three different ages, combined differently by species and by individual arboreal, yields evident from the architectural development. "chronological age, age physiology, morphogenetic age: useful information to understand the stages of development of a plant, and then to work diagnosis and pruning and maintenance.The plant biologist Jeanne Millet is a researcher, teacher and popularizer who has contributed in an original way to the study of the trees at the school of Montpellier (the same as Christophe Drénou already guest Formazione3T last year). The Millet has deepened the study of architecture of species of temperate environments, collecting data and information and publishing the state of this branch of science of the trees.Purpose of the Study Day, to be held at the convention center John XXIII in Bergamo at 9.30 (and up to 17.30) is to provide conceptual tools and observation to recognize the constant structures in the different tree species, but also indicating simple and intuitive elements for a correct diagnostic procedure and finally define the modalities for the proper design of possible interventions in the logic Italian dell'alboricoltura.The conference is aimed at all those who have to do with the arboriculture industry, then teachers, professionals, public administrations, operators, technicians, arborists, matter lovers and enthusiasts.For information on registration and the participation fee you can consult site.The conference will be simultaneously translated from the French

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