Tree management in the city


How to correctly manage the growth of trees within the urban environment, where they often have to live with lawn and flower beds? The green house and gardeners - often the first to have the opportunity to observe the trees on which they perform regularly - are given the convention "Around trees", which will take place on 19 May in the ArborShow, the first Italian fair dedicated to arboriculture.
The topics of the day will be the management of the trees in the city, the pruning techniques, the mushrooms that degrade the wood, the consolidation of the trees. They will be treated in a very practical way with easily applicable information and concepts.
The conference is part of the ArborShow calendar (Erba, Lario Fiere from 17 to 19 May, within Forlener), a fair aimed at all those who deal with arboriculture and trees and have an interest in expanding their skills.
The conference of 19 May is aimed in particular at the gardeners and gardeners.
Formazione3T is Arborshow's technical scientific partner and deals with the organization of the congress and demonstration section of the event.
9 am - Tree architecture bases
"Not just trees: reflections for sustainable urban green management". Speaker: Mario Carminati
The task of arborists and gardeners is to increase the resilience of cities in the face of climatic, social and economic changes: from pruning to managing grassy surfaces it is therefore crucial to improve also the "sustainability" of design and maintenance practices of the "urban forest" "
Hours 13 - Mushrooms that degrade wood: action dynamics and consequences for trees. Speaker: Valentin Lobis
Pruning of ornamental trees: principles and techniques. Speaker: Marcello Parisini
Preventing risks by "treating" trees with consolidations. Speaker: Luigi Sani
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