Tree management: training in Varese


The choice, the plant, the care: a training day entirely dedicated to the management of trees. Organizing it is Bio-Ethical Gardeners, the appointment is for November 24 in Varese.
Simone Fenio, founder of the BioEtici Gardeners, and Felice Mariani, long-time arborist and bioethical gardener, will hold a training day on tree management. Mariani will present the nursery quality standards for the correct selection of the specimens in the nursery and the art of planting with relative anchoring systems. Fenio will devote itself to the use of products to improve root engraftment and growth, both during transplantation and in the event of stress from subsequent traumas. Notes on the structure of the ground and above all the dell'ofon and mycorrhizae, including their proper use. The technical day will take place at the Goccia d'oro agritourism (via Cervina, Varese).
The technical days of Bioenergy Gardeners are designed as peer groups, experienced professionals who train other professionals. This is why the maximum number of participants is limited to 25.
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