Tree stability assessor: online course


The "Tree Stability Assessment" course, organized by the Agricultural School of the Monza Park, which will take place online, begins on 7 July. In total, 16 hours, until July 16th.
«The course - explain from the school - introduces the knowledge of the V.T.A. (Visual Tree Assessment) and its application as a diagnosis system on the health of the tree and on the danger of potential failure ".
Dedicated to all professional figures who work in the field of arboriculture, on a practical and managerial level.
The program includes: introduction to the V.T.A method; the tree system (essential components and functions); risk classes; visual analysis of defects and correlation to symptoms; tree mechanics and adaptive responses; main types of breakdowns and failures (foreseeable / unpredictable); the incidence of caries in the stability of trees. The cariogenic mushrooms.


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