The talking trees that save the forests


What if trees could talk? This is already the case in Trentino, thanks to a research carried out in the woods of the Val di Cembra, whose plants have been equipped with devices called “Tree Talkers”. They allow to measure different vital parameters of trees and their environment, to define their conditions.
Stem growth, sap flow, wood humidity, air temperature and humidity, inclination, oscillation, spectrum of solar radiation emitted through the foliage: these indicators are useful for those who care for the woods to detect their state of health some trees.
The research is carried out in a total of seven sites, all in Trentino, for a total of 170 Tree Talkers.
The goal is to counteract the conditions of "stress" for plants, such as water and thermal changes, in addition to extreme events, such as the Vaia storm that hit the area in 2018.


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