How green is the city? Treepedia says


Treepedia is a sort of green encyclopedia, a tool that tells how much green is in the city and counts tree to tree to return a detailed image of the green in an urban context.
Treepedia was born in Boston, MIT's laboratories a few months ago, but also speaks Italian because Italian is its creator, Carlo Ratti, who has completed the project with the researchers of the Senseable City Lab.
The software analyzes Google street view data and is able to define a "green view index", that is, the measurement of the visual perception of green.
In practice, Treepedia allows anyone to see and study mapping of city trees. But not only: it is also possible to make a comparison between cities, so as to stimulate any initiatives to support greenery.
For the moment the only Italian and European city is Turin, with a "green view index" of 16.2% compared to a density of 6.9 inhabitants per sq km.


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